School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SROs) address numerous issues in regards to safety within their respective schools. SROs review, update and improve, where possible, the existing school’s emergency response plans. Safety, Education and Mentoring are our main goals.

SROs teach an array of non-traditional education lesson plans to students in the class room. Officers teach approved curriculum such as Drug Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Internet Safety, Being Responsible with Electronic Communications and other approved topics.

SROs address numerous student behaviors. In addition to confronting dangerous or criminal behavior at school, officers confront disruptive and inappropriate student behaviors to promote safety and to preserve the learning process. Officers also build a healthy and respectful relationship with all students. Officers are prepared to move forward with criminal complaints upon adults who have endangered children through offenses of abuse or neglect. They also are prepared to assist in addressing status offenses such as truancy. Officers collaborate with numerous outside agencies and organizations to promote delinquency prevention.

School Resource Officers can also address those sensitive student issues which expand beyond the scope of the school’s authority. SROs can move with the full weight and force of state authority and address those student issues regarding abuse, neglect or other criminal activity.

2023-24 School Resource Officers:

Sgt. Greg Harris - Wheeling Middle School

Cpl. Jason Chambers - Triadelphia Middle School

Pfc. Dylan Giusto - Bridge Street Middle School

Cpl. Kevin Kuca - Warwood Middle School

Cpl. Bryan Wilson - Wheeling Park High School