Crime Map

Wheeling Police Department
Citywide Crime Mapping Information

Click the links below to view the city's crime map (updated every 12 hours) and to register your home or business security camera.

Submitting an non-emergency online police report can be submitted by clicking here


  1. You must ZOOM IN on the icons on the map and then click the icon to see the type of incident, time and date.
  2. You can also expand the time and types of incidents and turn on sex offenders on the left by clicking on “Filters” – just set the time frame, date and types of incidents you wish to see.
  3. SEX OFFENDERS: Under the filter tab, check mark the ‘view registered sex offenders’ to see addresses.

**Addresses will be a general location for privacy. Crimes NOT included in the report are: sexual violence, family violence/domestic violence, calls or follow ups involving an ongoing investigation and juvenile crimes.**

Directions for Registering your security camera (voluntary not required):

  1. Click here to Register a Security Camera
  2. On the top of the page – click “register my camera”
  3. Click on “participating agencies” at the top and select “Wheeling Police Department”
  4. After selecting our city, follow the prompts to register your camera.

    **Registering your camera is NOT required and is only used to help fight crime in city neighborhoods. By letting police know you have a camera, they may contact you to see if access can be granted to view footage.**