Neighborhood Assistance Volunteers

WPD0439.jpg Neighborhood’s Assistant Volunteers consists of more than a dozen uniformed volunteers who are all graduates of the Citizen’s Police Academy. After graduation from the CPA and upon being accepted to the NAV program, the volunteers received an additional 40 hours of training. These volunteers assist officers in the field as well as perform administrative duties in the office. The following are some of the functions performed by the Neighborhood Assistant Volunteers:

  • Uniform Patrol (assisting officers on accidents, disabled motorists, non-criminal incidents)
  • Handicapped Parking Citations
  • Sweeper Parking Violations
  • Traffic Direction (accident scenes, special events, road closures)
  • Special Events (patrol, traffic direction, command post)
  • Front Desk (answer phone, provide information, data entry, and assist officers)
  • Non-Criminal Fingerprinting (background checks, employment, etc.)
  • Vacation Residence Checks (monitor homes for residents while on vacation
  • Data Entry

Throughout 2016, the Neighborhood Assistant Volunteers volunteered a total of 1,852 hours of their time to the Wheeling Police Department. Four (4) volunteers alone logged 200 hours each. Four volunteers have logged more than 1,000 hours each since joining the program. They include: Jon Letzkus, Tom Miller, Julie Zogg and Craig Collins. On a national average, this is equal to $60,000 in man hours, which is almost the salary of two officers. The number of hours dedicated to the Wheeling Police Department by the NAV rival’s departments with four times as many volunteers.