K9 Unit

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K-9 Unit

In 2003, the Wheeling Police Department’s K-9 Division was formed.  The first two K-9s were Narcotic/Patrol German Shepherds, Freddie and Alf. As of 2018, the Wheeling Police Department has six K-9’s:

They include:

  • Ammo (Handler – Pfc. Harry Myers)
  • Bella (Handler – Sgt. Doug Howell)
  • Declan (Handler – Cpl. Garrett Pugh)
  • Jericho (Handler – Cpl. Sean Brantley)
  • Keeni (Handler – Cpl. Jason Martin)
  • Zero (Handler – Pfc. Jason Hupp)

Five of the K-9s are Narcotic/Patrol, which means they are trained to: detect narcotics, track fleeing suspects, building searches, and officer protection. The illegal narcotics that the K-9s are trained to detect are: Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin and MDMA. K9 Declan is trained to detect explosives, in addition to helping with patrol.

During the 2017 calendar year, the Wheeling PD K9 Unit trained for 1,173 hours and were utilized 474 times for various searches and demonstrations.