Patrol Division

The Wheeling Police Department's patrol districts are comprised of the North, South and East districts. All districts are broken down into two "beats" - six total in the city. 31/32 beat cars are the south district, 41/42 beat cars are the east district and 51/52 beat cars are in the north district.

Click the patrol map to enlarge and see your neighborhood beat district and zone.

WPD Patrol Commanders:

  2018 Patrol Map.jpg

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Wheeling Police Department. It is the most visible part of the department that the citizens of Wheeling see.  It is the duty of the Wheeling Police Department to complete its mission of protecting the citizens of Wheeling in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The Patrol Division consists of four shifts-Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.  Alpha, Bravo and Charlie shifts are assigned to work eight hours, which rotate on a four week schedule.  Delta shift works a steady eight hour night turn shift.  The patrol division also has five K-9 Handlers, four are assigned to the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta patrol shifts.  The fifth K-9 is the explosives detection K-9 and he is assigned to the Traffic Division working the day turn hours when all schools and businesses are open.

Our patrol vehicles are equipped with Motorola Radios, Mobile Data Terminals (MDT’s), GPS, Radar and most cruisers have an in-car video recording system. Qualified patrol officers also have at their disposal a less lethal shotgun and a patrol rifle. The City of Wheeling is divided into three patrol districts that are patrolled 24-hours a day, covering an area of 14 square miles.