Crime Watch Meetings

Crime Watch 1.png The Neighborhood Watch Program is a crime prevention program that enlists active participants of residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime, solve problems, and improve the quality of life in the area in which they live.

The Wheeling Police Department facilitates these programs by holding community meetings, special events, and providing educational training and communications. Neighborhood Watch participants are also encouraged to take part in programs such as the Citizen Police Academy and the National Night Out Against Crime, which is held on the first Tuesday in August.

The following Neighborhood Watch meetings are held throughout the City of Wheeling:

Ward 1 / Warwood

WHEN: Second Thursday of the month, 7 p.m.

WHERE: Warwood Christian Church – 131 North 17 th Street

WPD Liaison: Cpl. Doug Somerville

*(No Meeting in December, January or February)

Ward 2 / North Wheeling

WHEN: Third Thursday of the month, 7 p.m.

WHERE: River View Towers – 601 Main Street

WPD Liaison: Officer John McKenzie 

Ward 2 / Wheeling Island

WHEN: Fourth Tuesday of the month, 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Spring/Summer: Wheeling Island Community Shelter – Wheeling Island Marina

             Fall/Winter: Island Christian Church - 59 Zane Street

WPD Liaison: Cpl. Andy Adams

*(No meeting in December or January)

Ward 3 / East Wheeling - Downtown

WHEN: First Monday of the month, 6 p.m.

WHERE: Greater Wheeling Coalition for the Homeless – 84 Fifteenth Street

WPD Liaison: Cpl. Bobby McConnell

Ward 3 / Center-South Wheeling

WHEN: Fourth Tuesday of the month, 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Trinity Lutheran Church 3536 Eoff Street

WPD Liaison: Lt. Matt Taylor

Ward 4 / Woodsdale-Edgewood-Pleasanton

WHEN: Second Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m.

WHERE: Temple Shalom – 23 Bethany Pike

WPD Liaison: Officer Ryan Moore

Ward 6 / Elm Grove

WHEN: Third Wednesday of the month, 7 p.m.

WHERE: Elm Grove Civics 21 Sycamore Avenue

WPD Liaison: Officer Brandon Hoehn

*(No meeting in December, January or February)