Although consumer-grade fireworks can be purchased after a change in West Virginia state law in 2016, most items sold are not permitted to be used within the City of Wheeling.


  •  Bottle Rockets 
  •  Sky Rockets 
  •  Roman Candles 
  •  Sky Lanterns 
  •  Any other object that flies, propels or explodes 

City Ordinance 1535.01 states that fireworks used to propel into the air are PROHIBITED. This is to protect the risk of possible fire to homes and businesses within city limits. Failure to follow this ordinance can result in a $500 fine from law enforcement.

 A 70-foot per inch of shell is the safety zone  required to light fireworks. Most residential neighborhoods do not have adequate space. 

 PERMITTED FIREWORKS within city limits include:

  •  Sparklers 
  •  Fountains 
  •  Party poppers 
  •  Snaps 
  •  Smoke devices 
  •  Various non-propellant noisemakers.