Comprehensive Plan

Envisioning a community’s future is a powerful event that shapes both the physical environment and the people that reside within it. 

Wheeling Forward 2034, the City’s Comprehensive Plan, will focus on revitalization and reinvestment in public spaces, business districts and neighborhoods. A Comprehensive Plan describes a community vision and the steps to make it a reality. Comprehensive Plans make recommendations that can inform land use regulations and help guide growth and development for up to a 10-year period. This four-part planning process will be the community’s opportunity to shape city-wide priorities for the future. The plan will address the following topics: 

  • Youth and Education
  • Aging in Place
  • Housing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Community Development
  • Labor and Industry
  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Resilience
...and a range of other concerns that affect the quality of life and vibrancy of our communities.

PLANNING UPDATES | A Four Part-Process

This four-part planning process will be the community’s opportunity to shape city-wide priorities for the future.

-Phase ONE Articulate Our Vision. A shared understanding of the city’s values and clarity about the process to get to the finish line (content linked in the pages below) 

-Phase TWO Develop Our Plan. Connections will be drawn from existing initiatives across the public and private organizations into city-wide solutions that leverage everyone’s goals for the greatest impact.

-Phase THREE Prioritize Our Strategies. High priority projects will be identified that will support multiple city-wide solutions at one in the community and can leverage new funding and support.

-Phase FOUR Launch Our Plan. A final document will be prepared containing all of the technical information necessary for both the public and municipal partners to implement the community’s vision.

MEET THE TEAM | A Commitment to Collaboration 

The city has committed to working together to make significant and sustainable change, working together as an interdependent market that can compete regionally. Our ability to act strategically and collectively with our fellow residents, businesses, and organizations will determine our success.  

We want to thank our steering committee for their support:

  • Robert Herron, City Manager 

  • Elizabeth Paulhus, Community Foundation 

  • Howard Monroe, Planning Commission 

  • Jeremy West, Wheeling Planning Commission 

  • Kurt Zende, Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce 

  • Michael Baum, Wheeling Planning Commission 

  • Olivia Litman, Wheeling Convention and Visitors Bureau 

  • Scott Schenerlein, Wheeling Heritage 

  • Valerie Piko, Regional Economic Development

For more information about this project or questions about how to get involved please contact: 

BJ Delbert, Building and Planning Director

(304) 234-3702