Building Demolition

Property owners within the City of Wheeling have the responsibility to either maintain or raze the buildings they own. Irresponsible owners may expect the City’s Building Inspection division to issue a Raze or Repair Order. Failure to comply with the Order may result in either a fine, or imprisonment, or both.

In some instances, where the public’s health and safety is at risk, and there is no other recourse, the City will intercede to raze and clear vacant, derelict structures using the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program as a funding source. The City does not take possession of the affected property, but does place a lien against it for the cost of demolition and other related costs. Ever since the early 1990’s, Wheeling City Council has authorized the City Administration to aggressively raze an alarming number of vacant structures that are economically unfeasible to rehabilitate. It is anticipated that the Building Demolition Program will continue for some years into the future as a way of eliminating blighted structures within our community.