City of Wheeling Water Department       water2.jpg         

 The City has been operating a water pumping and distribution system for over 170 years, which gives the City the title of the Oldest Water System West of the Allegheny Mountains. The initial system consisted of a pumping station located near 8th Street and grew into the existing Water Treatment Plant, located in Warwood, which went into operation in 1924. Upgrades were made to the plant and system in 1964 and 1992. A brand new $30 million Water Treatment Facility was brought on-line in July 2015.  It houses new EVOQUA Ultra Filtration Membrane Units that provide ultra clean water for our customers.  This new facility provides    high quality   water up to 12 MGD and can be expanded for future needs    .   The Water Division is operated and managed through the following three sections:  

  •   Utility Accounting and Revenue (UAR)  – provides accounting and budget services to this division and Water Pollution Control Division. It also provides billing and collection services for both the Water and the Water Pollution Control Divisions. Customers wanting to start or stop water service or to pay a water bill should contact the UAR department at 304-234-3762.
  •   Distribution  – provides maintenance and repair to the system that includes over 189 miles of transmission and distribution pipelines, 10 booster stations, and 20 storage facilities. 
  •   Treatment  – provides oversight and monitoring of the water treatment plant and laboratory facilities. This division also provides maintenance and repair to the system’s main and back-up pumps and booster stations. 

Section Supervisors  
Superintendent:  Lori Siburt
 Phone: (304) 234-3849 

  Distribution: Chris Beiswenger
 Phone: (304) 234-3849 / Fax: (304) 234-3837
Treatment Plant:  Mike Rice
 Phone: (304) 234-3835 / Fax: (304) 234-3833
Utility Accounting and Revenue (UAR):  Marci Embrey
 Billing Phone: (304) 234-3762 / Fax: (304) 234-3721
 Accounting Phone (304) 234-3723 / Fax (304) 234-3721 

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