City of Wheeling Division of Operations
 10 Hunter Avenue | Wheeling, WV 26003
 Phone: (304) 234-3838

Wheeling's 311: REPORT A NON-EMERGENCY ISSUE by clicking here

  The City of Wheeling's Division of Operations     is a consolidation of the Street, Building and Grounds, Cemetery, Electric and     Sign       Departments for the City of Wheeling Public Works. The division maintains all city owned streets, cemeteries, traffic signals, traffic signage, pools and pool houses, playgrounds, parks, and other small tasks. The operations division is not responsible for the maintenance of the sanitary sewers, water, system or garbage pick up. 


  •   Monday  – Wheeling Island, Fulton, Woodsdale, Edgwood, and South Wheeling 
  •   Tuesday  – Wheeling Island, Fulton, Woodsdale, Edgwood, and South Wheeling 
  •   Wednesday  – North Wheeling, Warwood, Dimmeydale, Oakmont, Hubbard, Centre Wheeling, East Wheeling 
  •   Thursday  – North Wheeling, Warwood, Springdale, Elm Terrace, Mil Acres, Centre Wheeling, East Wheeling 
  •   Friday  – Elm Grove, Leewood, Greggsville, Forest Hills, North Park, Wheeling Housing 


  • To request a street sign or to report stolen signs/replacements please call Operations at (304) 234-3838 or  submit on Wheeling 311.


  • Residential street lights are maintained by Appalachian Power, and can be fixed by calling 1-800-852-6952 or online by Clicking Here.


  • Traffic signals are maintained by the City of Wheeling. If a light is out, please call operations at (304) 234-3838 or on Wheeling 311. Please inform the location of the light and color that is not working.