City of Wheeling Sanitation Division
10 Hunter Avenue
Wheeling, WV 26003
Phone: (304) 234-3707

Employees of the City’s Sanitation and Recycling Divisions are committed to giving Wheeling residents the best garbage and recycling service possible. The Sanitation Division is responsible for the collection and disposal of ordinary household trash.

Sanitation Policies:

  • 30 Gallon container : Each individual container or box/bundle shall weigh no more than 50 pounds.
  • Residents shall deposit HOUSEHOLD garbage for collection in standard, leak-proof, watertight containers with a capacity of no more than 30 gallons.
  • Garbage/rubbish to be collected in a box or bundle should measure no more than 4 feet long by 2 feet wide.
  • Furniture may be put out for collection. For a large amount, please contact the Sanitation Department to provide advanced notice (304-234-3707).

The following items will not be picked up:
- Building materials (i.e. carpet, wood, paint, etc.)
- Electronics
- Containers, boxes, or bundles exceeding 40 pounds.


  • DO NOT put these items in a plastic bag or try to hide them in a trash can. These items are acceptable for the landfill, however in order to prevent injury – PUT THESE ITEMS IN A CARDBOARD BOX.
  • Even putting a ‘note’ on it can help prevent injury to our employees.
  • These items MUST be seen by the worker in order to properly and safety dispose.


  • Items such as tires, oils, paints and other hazardous waste will not be collected by sanitation workers.
  •  Every year, the Ohio County Solid Waste Authorities holds a hazardous waste clean-up each September.


  • The maximum size a can should be is 30 gallons. Cans should not exceed a 50 pound limit.
  • If cans are larger than 30 gallons, everything inside needs to be in a plastic bag so workers can safely pull them out and place into the garbage truck.
  • If a household has a pick-up exceeding the weight limit, please call the Sanitation Office prior to your regularly scheduled pick-up day (304-234-3707).


  • Trash and recycling should NOT be put out into the alley or on a street until the day before collection

Holidays/Delayed Pickup:

The following holidays are official holidays for the Sanitation and Recycling Departments. These are the only days the department will NOT be picking up.

Pick up will be delayed ONE DAY from normal schedule.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

NOTE : If a holiday falls on a weekend, the Sanitation and Recycling Departments may operate on a normal weekly schedule, even when City administrative offices are closed on Friday or Monday. The schedule will depend on whether the landfill is closed.

For any questions or if your pick up was missed, please contact (304) 234-3707.