Wheeling Skatepark


The Wheeling Skatepark is a 10,000 square foot concrete public facility located on Community Street, just off Interstate - 70. The skatepark is open 24/7 welcoming skateboards and roller blades. For safety reasons, bike use is not permitted in the park.

The skatepark was built by world renowned skatepark builders Grindline Skateparks of Seattle, Washington and opened on October 21, 2007.  The park consists of 60% bowl and 40% street elements. An organically shaped bowl transitions from 4ft. to 10ft. deep, enabling beginners to start in the shallower areas and move to the deeper areas as they build their skills. There is also a flowing street course that features numerous banks, rails and ledges.  In October 2009 the street section was expanded and a large covered picnic shelter with benches and seating.

Please be respectful of the park and others.

  • No Overnight Camping
  • No Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs
  • No Open Fires or Graffiti   

Now everyone can see what an awesome attraction the park is or check out the park to see how crowded it is before contemplating a visit or . . . the link can be provided to out-of-town family members so they can watch the performance of your latest trick!

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