Parks & Trail Projects

2019 Summer Playgrounds (Coming Soon!)

  • Pleasanton Playground 
  • North 24th Street Playground
  • Fulton Playground 

City Parks Improvement Plan

Inclusive Basketball at 36th St Park

2018 Summer Playgrounds


Garden Park Playground Renovation

  • New Playground
  • New Multi-generational Swings
  • New Outdoor Fitness Equipment 

Fitzsimmons Family Dog Park

2017 Playground Upgrades

Heritage Trail Outdoor Fitness - Wheeling Creek Section

Wheeling Island Marina Disc Golf Course

Mount Wood Overlook

  • Mural (by Brian Fencl)
  • Volunteer Support (Orrick)

Heritage Trail - Ohio River Section

  • 2017 Paving Plan, Warwood School, south, one mile of freshly paved trail.
  • 2018 - 2019 Paving Plan, pave from N. 19th Street, north to Pike Island Dam parking lot. 
  • 2019 Pike Island Dam Restrooms are now open! Thank you Army Corps of Engineers!

Power of Parks