Department Overview & Employment

The City of Wheeling’s Human Resources Department (HRD) administers personnel services to the employees of the various departments. The goal of the HRD is to provide the array of services offered to the employees in the most efficient and effective manner as possible. The Codified Ordinances of the City governs and provides the framework for the HRD to: oversee personnel actions (hire, transfer, discharge) by assuring adherence to federal, state and local laws and regulations; administration of the classification and compensation plan; administration of the drug and alcohol testing program as per federal and state law; maintenance of the health, vision and dental plans; maintaining employee records; and to ensure a discrimination-free workplace.

Employment Provisions and Benefits

The City of Wheeling has a residency requirement, which requires all personnel employed by the City to be bona fide residents of the City of Wheeling or Ohio County, or of certain portions of Marshall County and Brooke County. The allowed geographical area includes south of Moundsville, WV, extending north to Bruin Drive, north of Wellsburg, WV, and bonded by the Ohio River on the West and the Pennsylvania state line on the East. Please contact the Human Resources Department for a more specific description of the allowed area.

This residency requirement is applicable for all employees, except at the time of appointment or employment when they need not be residents within the said geographic area, but shall establish such residency within six (6) months of employment with the City of Wheeling.

All persons hired or appointed shall serve a probationary period. For employees in the non-uniform positions, the probation period is six (6) months of uninterrupted employment after assuming the position. For entry-level appointments in the Police and Fire Departments, the probation period is one (1) year of uninterrupted employment after assuming the position.

The City of Wheeling offers a variety of benefits to its full-time employees. The current benefit package includes the following:

  • Paid Health Insurance
  • Paid Dental and Vision
  • Paid Term Life Insurance up to $20,000
  • Defined Benefit Pension Plan
  • Paid Vacation (2-4 weeks per year based upon length of service.)
  • Paid Sick Leave (accrue 1 day per month)
  • One paid Personal Day per year
  • Longevity Pay after three years of service
  • Optional Benefits include payroll deductions for deferred compensation (457 plan), credit union, additional life insurance, Christmas Club, savings bonds, and other insurance coverages.