General Information
1st Ward
Chad Thalman
2nd Ward
Ben Seidler
3rd Ward
Rosemary Ketchum
4th Ward
Jerry Sklavounakis
5th Ward
Ty Thorngate
6th Ward
Dave Palmer
Glenn F. Elliott Jr.
Phone Numbers
(304) 234-6401
Emergencies: Dial 911
1500 Chapline Street
Suite 303

Voting Wards

After a review of 2010 Census data, Wheeling City Council adopted a change in ward boundaries as described below.  Follow the link to the GIS map below and turn on the Ward layer.

  • 1st Ward (orange) Warwood, North Park, Glenwood (upper)

  • 2nd Ward (blue) Wheeling Island, Downtown, North Wheeling, Fulton, Glenwood (lower)

  • 3rd Ward (green) Mozart, South Wheeling, Center Wheeling, East Wheeling

  • 4th Ward (yellow) Morningside, Clator, Valley View, Leatherwood, Woodsdale, Greggsville, Oglebay

  • 5th Ward (purple) Edgwood, Pleasant Valley, Dimmeydale, Oakmont, Parkview, Springdale*

  • 6th Ward (red) Springdale*, Elm Grove

Click Here to access the GIS map.