Centre Market Commission

The Centre Market Commission serves as an advisory board to City Council and is comprised of seven board members and one member of Wheeling City Council. The commission meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 9:00am in City Council Chambers and is tasked with the the following: 

  • To preserve and protect the historical and architectural heritage and to promote the economic redevelopment of the Centre Market Square Historic District;
  • To effect and accomplish the protection, enhancement and perpetuation of the Centre Market Square Historic District and its historic buildings;
  • To improve, develop, maintain and operate the historic market houses;
  • To protect and enhance the Centre Market Square Historic District's attractions to residents, tourists and visitors and to serve as support and stimulus to business and industry;
  • To strengthen the economy of the Centre Market Square Historic District and the City;
  • To foster civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past; and
  • To promote the use of the Centre Market Square Historic District and its historic market house for the education, pleasure and welfare of the people of the City.

Commission Members:
 Michael Biela
 Jodi Coleman-Carder
 Amy Cordy
 Alicia Manning
 Bob Peckenpaugh
 Valerie Piko
 Rebecca Stahl
 Rosemary Ketchum, City Council Representative