Wheeling Park Commission

The Wheeling Park Commission, a West Virginia Corporation, was created by an act of the legislature of the State of West Virginia on March 5, 1935 for the purpose of managing the parks of the City of Wheeling. The state statute provides that the Commission shall have all and sole power necessary, convenient and advisable for the proper care, equipment and management of the parks and shall make such rules and regulations as it deems expedient for the care and management of the parks.

The Commission consists of five citizens who serve without compensation. Members of the Commission are appointed by either the Board of Directors of the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce or by the City Manager for five years with no limits on reappointments.

For more information regarding the Wheeling Park Commission or Oglebay and Wheeling Park, please contact (304) 243-4000 or visit oglebay.com.

R. Gregory McDermott, Chair
Eugene T. Fahey
David H. McKinley
Justin Seibert
Joan Stamp