Street Resurfacing Continues

Street resurfacing within the City will continue this week. As a result, there will be no parking on the respective streets on the day(s) work is being done. Residents should plan accordingly. Contractors will also be providing in person notification to the addresses impacted. The schedule is as follows:
-Monday, May 6
Alley between Cadillac and Lincoln; Lane 5, Atkinson to Monroe; Lane 4, Atkinson to Monroe; Alley beside Silver Chopsticks; Wyngate Court.
-Tuesday, May 7
Rockledge Road; Roth Lane; Lane; Altenheim Avenue; Fairview Terrace; Fairview Avenue; Alley between Pine and Maple from Echo to Maple; Alley from Edgwood to Poplar; Heiskell Drive with Alley.
-Wednesday, May 8
Rockledge Road; Roth Lane.
-Thursday, May 9
Alley from Lenox Avenue to Bedillion Lane; Altenheim Avenue.
-Friday, May 10
Fairview Terrace; Fairview Avenue.
Please note the schedule is subject to change daily depending on weather, production, mechanical breakdowns and specialty equipment scheduling conflicts. Thank you for your patience as we improve our streets.

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