Wheeling Police Remind Public of Travel Restrictions and Safety During Monument Place Bridge Closure

The Wheeling Police Department is issuing several traffic safety reminders to the traveling public for the upcoming Monument Place Bridge closure that is slated for Monday, April 15. Signage will be in place all weekend reminding drivers of the closure.

The bridge spans Little Wheeling Creek at the intersection of National Road, Kruger Street and East Bethlehem Blvd. (WV 88) in the Elm Grove area of the city.

The West Virginia Division of Highways urges motorists to use National Road to Interstate 70 east and west to Exit 2B/Washington Avenue then to Exit 4/Elm Grove to detour around the closure. According to WVDOH, the closure is expected to last until the end of the year. Travelers should note the Washington Avenue Bridge, which spans Big Wheeling Creek and has a 5-ton weight limit.

Key safety reminders include:

  • At Junior Avenue and East Bethlehem Blvd (WV 88), a permanent RIGHT TURN ONLY is in place. Motorists are no longer allowed to turn left or go straight at this 5-point intersection from Junior Ave.
  • Be aware of the school zone near Bridge Street Middle School on both Junior Avenue and East Bethlehem Blvd/WV 88.
  • Do not block intersections and be mindful of an influx of traffic, especially during afternoon hours.
  • Give yourself extra time to travel in this area and be aware of your surroundings. Do not talk or text on your phone - officers will be out monitoring this area and will issue citations.
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