Neighborhood Flood Cleanup to Continue Through Thursday

Since flood waters receded late last week, neighborhood cleanup has been the priority for City crews. That will continue until 5 p.m., Thursday at which time cleaning up City property will become the focus. Street sweeping in the neighborhoods will continue as long as needed and sanitation pickup will be on a regular schedule. 

City officials would like to thank residents for their cooperation during the cleanup process and commend City crews for their hard work and commitment to getting the community back in order as soon as possible following the flood.

Residents who still have debris or damaged items to be picked up in the next few days should place the articles in front of their homes and NOT in streets or alleys. It is helpful to crews if the items are stacked neatly, bagged up and not in cardboard boxes. Boxes will break down if they become wet. Please note the 2024 Spring Cleanup in conjunction with the Ohio County Solid Waste Authority will be held as planned on Friday, April 12 in Fulton at the former dog pound located at Industrial Drive and Peninsula Street. Residents can also dispose of items there. Tires, chemicals, hazardous materials, paint and propane tanks will not be collected curbside or accepted at the cleanup.

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