Exemption to the City’s Prohibited Camping on Public Property Ordinance Issued

City Manager Robert Herron, at the request of Mark Phillips of Catholic Charities, has issued an exemption to the City’s Prohibited Camping on Public Property ordinance for a leased parking lot near the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center. Catholic Charities, along with other homeless agency partners, are developing rules for this temporary exemption. It is anticipated that this area will begin immediately. At this point, this is a temporary location subject to further discussions with Catholic Charities.

The City has agreed to a one-week delay until Jan. 29, 2024, for the dismantling of the camps that were posted on Jan. 3, 2024, in accordance with U.S. District Judge John Bailey’s 2020 ruling. The American Civil Liberties Union has agreed to dismiss their request for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction and in principle have agreed not to  contest the completion of the said dismantling.

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