City Launches Informational Webpage for Streetscape Project

In an effort to keep the public informed about the Wheeling Streetscape Project, the City has added an additional page to their website that provides details about the work being done and what the public can expect during the project.

City Manager Robert Herron explained the content of the additional page at consists of renderings, frequently asked questions, a video and a section for project updates. The City received input from Regional Economic Development Partnership, Wheeling Heritage, Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce and the Wheeling Convention and Visitors Bureau on the creation of the additional webpage.

The Wheeling Streetscape Project, a project of the West Virginia Department of Transportation, will beautify Downtown Wheeling and will add ADA-compliant curb cuts, widened sidewalks and decorative brickwork along Main and Market streets between 10th and 16th streets. The project will also add decorative traffic signals, plants and trees.

“We understand the need for the public to stay informed on what is taking place in our Downtown and we will make every effort to provide updated information as it becomes available,” he said.

Herron noted any Downtown property or business owner being impacted by the project who has questions that are not included in the FAQ section on the new webpage should contact his office by phone at (304) 234-3617 or via email

“If the city administration does not immediately have answers to your questions, we will reach out to the West Virginia Division of Highways to obtain the answers to your questions,” he said.

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