Wheeling Water Department Instituting New Bill Pay Service; Customers Paying Bills Electronically or Via Autopay Must Re-Register

The City of Wheeling Water Department will begin working with a new service provider for online payments effective Dec. 12. The transition will require customers who pay their bills electronically or through autopay to re-register and create a new account via the City’s website. The change will also provide additional payments options for the convenience of the customer.

Utilities Accounting & Revenue Supervisor Marci Embrey explained customers must re-register for online payments or autopay by visiting wheelingwv.gov and clicking on the “pay online” link or by going to the Water Department webpage at https://www.wheelingwv.gov/departments/PublicWorks/water.

Embrey stressed that as of Dec. 12, auto pay will not be drafted from customer accounts.  Customers must re-register their account and set it for auto pay if they wish to continue with the feature. 

The new system will also allow customers to pay their water bills via PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay, noting that fees do apply to any electronic transaction. 

“Any electronic transaction will incur a fee. This includes a payment via the apps, an e-check paid online or via phone. Credit/debit card transactions will incur a fee online, via phone and in person,” she said, noting there is not a fee for payments made with a physical check. A physical check can be mailed, dropped off in the Water Department office or in the drop box at the entryway of the City-County Building, 1500 Chapline Street. Customers can also pay their bill at Community Bank providing they have their payment stub.

Fees are as follows: 3.5 percent of the amount being paid ($2 minimum); $1.95 for an e-check. Embrey emphasized the City does not benefit from the fees for the electronic transactions. Those funds go directly to the service provider. 

The new system will also allow customers to set their accounts to receive bills via email while also being able to opt in for reminders via email or text message.

Customers with questions should contact Utilities Accounting and Revenue at (304) 234-3762.

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