Wheeling Arts & Cultural Commission Announces Request For Proposals for Public Art Mural

The Wheeling Arts and Cultural Commission is excited to release a request for proposals (RFP) for two mural locations at The Bridge Tavern. The murals will be located on the back Main Street and Tenth Street facades of the newly renovated Bridge Tavern. 

The RFP calls for concepts that pay homage to the rich musical tradition of Wheeling and its residents. Artists are instructed to create a unified concept for each elevation. Each mural is approximately 24’ x 12’ . The RFP will remain open until Aug. 20,  and the Commission's selection will be announced soon after.  All sections of the mural are to be completed by the middle of October. 

Betsy Sweeny, Chair of the Arts and Cultural Commission, explains, "We are excited to partner with this beloved local business on a piece of public art. When the commission rebranded in 2021, we identified public art as a high priority for the commission, and we are pleased to be moving forward with another mural project.  ”  Vice Chair Rosemary Ketchum added, “The Carls contacted the commission via our online mural application.  If other property owners are interested in having a piece of art on their building, we accept those applications on a rolling basis.” 

The mission of the Wheeling Arts and Cultural Commission is to support and promote Wheeling’s arts and cultural communities. Their vision is to be a catalyst for a long term, rich, inclusive arts and cultural experience for the community. The Commission is committed to values of inclusion, commitment, boldness, and achieving high impact. 

To view the RFP visit the Wheeling Arts and Cultural Commission’s Facebook, or download the RFP on the City of Wheeling’s Website at https://prod1.evo.cloud/wheelingwv/portal/bids/1710/

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