“Food for Fines” Instituted by the City of Wheeling for a Sixth Year

In the spirit of the holiday season, the City of Wheeling will once again be accepting a donation of five non-perishable food items in lieu of the $10 fine for an overtime parking violation. The items will be donated to the local food pantries.

City Council passed a resolution instituting the program during Tuesday’s meeting. This is the sixth year the City has adopted the “Food for Fines” initiative.

Vice Mayor Chad Thalman said “Food for Fines” has been very successful in the past with hundreds of non-perishable food items being donated in lieu of $10 parking fines. 

“The holiday season turns our minds to giving and lending a hand to those less fortunate. By helping the food pantries again this year, they, in turn, can provide some support to individuals who may need some assistance. No one is happy about receiving a parking citation, but in this case, that parking ticket can be turned into something positive,” he said.

“Food for Fines” will be valid for citations dated Dec. 1, 2022, through Jan. 1, 2023. Food donations must be taken to the City’s finance department on the first floor of the City-County Building, 1500 Chapline Street - the same location where a fine would be paid. 

Food pantries interested in receiving a donation are asked to contact the finance department at (304) 234-6473.

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