City Reminding Community of Sign Ordinance

Officials with the City of Wheeling want to remind the community of an ordinance that prohibits any type of signage in the right-of-ways within city limits.

Director of Building & Planning Tom Connelly said since this ordinance was passed by City Council in April of 2020, the blight to which signs contribute has decreased. One reason for the ordinance was signs put in right-of-ways were unmanaged and often forgotten about after the event it was advertising.

“It seems as though the public has abided by the ordinance. However, there is always an increase in signage during election season. We are asking for the public’s cooperation to help eliminate urban blight caused by temporary signage in the right-of-way,” he said.

Connelly said the City will give sign owners until Thursday, April 14 to remove and relocate the signs to private property before City crews will begin collecting them. He noted that signs relocated to private property should only be done so with the property owner’s permission.

“The signs collected by the City will be held for 10 days. If they are not claimed, they will be disposed of,” he said. 

Those who need to coordinate sign pickup should contact the Building & Planning Department at (304) 234-3702.

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