Community Development

The Economic and Community Development Department is organized into three divisions: Economic Development, Building Code Services, and Neighborhood and Community Development.  The department also staffs the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals, Building Code Board of Appeals, Historic Landmarks Commission, Human Rights Commission, and Planning Commission.

The purpose of the Division of Economic Development is to plan and recommend to City Council through the City Manager activities which cultivate and support economic growth and development in the City.

The function of the Division of Building Code Services is to provide and coordinate all functions pertaining to building and housing inspection and code enforcement.

The goal of the Division of Neighborhood and Community Development is to provide and coordinate all related planning, zoning, and regulatory functions of the City, as well as to coordinate neighborhood and community development activities and to supervise and administer federal (Brownfields, CDBG, HOME), state (Historic Preservation) and other grant programs which address housing, neighborhood and community development.