GC&P SAP Application Index
Letter of Transmittal (Exhibit 5)
Exhibit 1a GACS and GC&P property list
Exhibit 1b GACS and GC&P property map
Exhibit 1c Neighboring property list
Exhibit 2 Comprehensive Plan Map 8 Future Land Use
Exhibit 3a Zoning Map (from WheelingWV.gov)
Exhibit 3b Property Information (also Map 69)
Exhibit 4a Aerial photo
Exhibit 4b Proposed Development w/ Grading & Cross Sections
Exhibit 4c Site Plan with parking count (same as Map 10)
Exhibit 6 DOH letter
Exhibit 7 DEP letter
Exhibit 8 Marketing Materials

Map # Title
1 Cover Page
2 Early Site Plan
4 Site Pad E to W with preferred layout
4A Site Pad N to S with preferred layout
6 Site Plan = Preferred Layout
6A Site Plan with alternative entrance and parking area
7 Site Plan = C-2 alternative
8 Site Plan = residential / over retail alternative
9 Site Plan = res. or retail w/ parking compliance & green space alternative
10 Site Plan - 1,716 space parking compliance detail to code
11 Site Plan W to E 3D Preferred Plan
12 Site Plan E to W 3D Preferred Plan
13 Site Plan / Office and Institutional 3D
14 Site Plan / Residential 3D
15 Proposed Rt. 88 Corridor Improvement Plan
16 Conceptual design plan for Corridor Improvement Plan (showing 3 phases)
18 Corridor Improvement Plan phase I - aerial view of improvements
19 Corridor Improvement Plan Phase II - sidewalk/drainage aerial view
20 Corridor Improvement Plan Phase III - aerial view
21 Corridor Improvement Plan.  Typical sections Thrasher Engineering
22 Phase I Pads (Preferred)
22A Phase I Pads (Alternative)
29 Grading Plan (Cross Sections A, B & C) note water mitigate & eng. slope 2%
29A Grading Plan Section A (67' avg.)
29B Grading Plan Section B (70' avg.)
29C Grading Plan Section C (95.89 avg.)
30 Grading Plan Section C (95.89 avg.) 
31 Grading Plan Section C (95.89 avg.)
32 Grading Plan Section C (95.89 avg.)
36 Early Conceptual shows 4-5 AC pad, Phase 1 entrance alt.
39 Drainage Plan for 100' material removal (conceptual) (ponds hold water)
40 Grading Information    Avg. = 95.89'    Avg. Fill = 8.28
41 Grading Information   100' material removal    Avg. 45.92  Avg. Fill = 12
42 Old preliminary retail/outlet center
43 Old preliminary retail/outlet center with access road
45 Old preliminary plan
49 Final version of Old preliminary plan
50 251 unit residential plan
56 WVDEP grading plan for construction phase
57 WVDEP grading plan for first 100'
58 Overall earthwork by Thrasher (preferred plan)
60 Stormwater management plan. BWQ Sample Sites
61 Stormwater - pre/post-construction drainage area management plan
62 WV DEP permitted areas/core sample locations
63 Existing logging trails
64 Storm pond details
65 Sediment Control Plans for ponding design/implement stormwater mgt.
66 Initial grade and existing ponds
67 Proposed next level grading and ponds
68 Ohio County Oil & Gas location maps
69 Prior zoning map