Facade Improvement Program

The City of Wheeling’s Façade Improvement Program (FIP) provides financial and technical design assistance for qualified façade improvements to privately owned commercial buildings within (1) the Central Wheeling Business District, which shall be defined as the portion of Wheeling bounded generally by Interstate 70 and 23rd Street on the North and South, respectively, and Chapline Street and Water Street on the East and West, respectively (see attached map) and (2) any qualified historic district in the City of Wheeling that has approved Design Review guidelines that remain enforceable and otherwise in effect (collectively, the “District”).

The purpose of the FIP is to support the revitalization of the City’s Downtown business district by stimulating private investment in high-quality improvements that enhance the appearance of buildings and properties and eliminate blight and non-conforming design standards.

Facade Improvement Program Materials:


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