• "Wheeling is very supportive of new businesses. The planning and zoning office staff is incredibly friendly. Kurt Zende (in Economic Development) took the time to show me lots of properties in the downtown area and has been very helpful with guiding me through the necessary processes. Most city departments have been responsive and attentive. They make me feel like they want me here." Ben Seidler, President, Stimulus Retail Solutions http://www.stimulusretailsolutions.com

  • "From working with the City for permits, signage, construction, or anything, the service was always pleasant and the process was easy. We were very appreciative of the support at the grand opening from the City Manager, several members of City Council, and people from Economic Development." Erich Lipphardt, MedExpress (opened June 24, 2008) http://www.greatcarefast.com/

  • "After researching and considering relocating to a number of different cities around the U.S., my family decided to relocate to Wheeling, where I opened Direct Online Marketing. We are an internet marketing firm located in downtown Wheeling that specializes in search engine marketing, blogging, and Web development. We work with clients all over the United States and as such could operate from any location. We choose to work in Wheeling and are very pleased to do so." - Justin Seibert, President, Direct Online Marketing http://www.directom.com/

  • "Both elected officials and the management team of the City of Wheeling provided tremendous assistance and support throughout our decision-making process to create our highly successful Global Operations Center. Among other things, they exacted their role as catalysts for development by ensuring that all infrastructure and site improvements were completed to meet our operational timeline."- Will Turani, Director, Global Operations and Sustainability at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP http://www.orrick.com