The City of Wheeling, West Virginia


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9-1-1 Information


9-1-1 Communications
Theresa Russell, ENP - Director
1500 Chapline Street
Wheeling, WV 26003
Emergency: 9-1-1
Dispatch (non-emergency number): 304-234-3711
Non-Emergency (Police): (304) 234-3661
Non-Emergency (Sheriff’s Department): (304) 234-3606


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Wheeling-Ohio County 9-1-1 Communications Center to assist in the safety and quality of life of the citizens residing and traveling throughout Ohio County by providing effective and efficient telecommunication response to calls from citizens and dispatching the appropriate public safety responders.
Although the Wheeling Ohio County 9-1-1 Communications Center is operated under the direction of the City of Wheeling, under WV State Code, Ordinance’s establishing the center and its fee structure was first signed on December 3, 1986 by the Ohio County Commission and remains in effect today and updated as necessary.
What to expect when calling 9-1-1
When calling 9-1-1, a dispatcher will answer the phone and ask you a series of questions. The questions that you are being asked, while they may seem mundane and tedious during an emergency, are quite necessary in order to send the type of help that you need. While it may also seem as though it is taking a substantial amount of time for the questions to be asked and for you to answer them, in most situations, it only takes a matter of seconds to obtain the necessary information to send help to you. So the more cooperative a caller is with the dispatcher, the less time it will take to gain the information needed for help to arrive. (Most information can be obtained in 45 seconds or less.) 
Tips when calling 9-1-1
Try to remain as calm as possible.
Speak clearly so that the dispatcher can understand you.
Cooperate with the dispatcher by answering all of the questions that you are being asked as best you can. If you do not know the answer to a question, simply state that you do not know and the dispatcher will move on to the next question.
Stay on the line and don’t hang up until the dispatcher instructs you to do so.
If you are a parent, TEACH YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO USE 9-1-1! Or call us at 304-234-3715, and we will be happy to provide you with instructional materials that will assist them in learning what 9-1-1 is all about!
The Wheeling Ohio County 9-1-1 Communications Center is subsidized by a local 9-1-1 Wireline and VoIP surcharge of $1.97 each line up to the first eight and then $1.97 every eighth line thereafter; a State Wireless surcharge of $3.00 per cellular phone; and the City of Wheeling’s General Fund.
Public Safety Agency’s Dispatched by the Wheeling-Ohio County 9-1-1 Communications Center:
Law Enforcement                      
Wheeling Police Department                                               
Ohio County Sheriff’s Department                                       
Village of Bethlehem Police
Village of Clearview Police
Town of Triadelphia Police
Town of Valley Grove Police
Town of West Liberty Police
Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department/emergency ambulance
Clearview Volunteer Fire Department/emergency ambulance
Mozart Volunteer Fire Department
Stone Church Volunteer Fire Department/emergency ambulance
Triadelphia Volunteer Fire Department/emergency ambulance
Valley Grove Volunteer Fire Department/emergency ambulance
West Liberty Volunteer Fire Department/emergency ambulance
Emergency Management
The Wheeling-Ohio County 9-1-1 Communications Center is equipped with state of art communications devises used to provide assistance to citizens:
Plant/CML Vesta Palace 9-1-1 Telephony System – 5 positions
Computer Aided Dispatch
InterAct CAD and GIS – 4 positions
Radio Systems
City of Wheeling’s 800 MHz Trunked Radio System
Ohio County’s 450 MHz UHF Trunked Radio System and VHF paging system
State of WV Interoperable 450 MHz Radio System
The 9-1-1 Communications Center currently employees 4 part-time and 12 full-time dispatchers, a Supervisor, and a Director with a minimum staff of 3 dispatcher’s on duty at all times.
Non-Emergency Numbers to call for public safety assistance*
Wheeling Police Department: 304-234-3661
Ohio County Sheriff’s Department, Clearview Police, Triadelphia Police, Valley Grove Police, West Liberty Police, West Liberty University Police: 304-234-3606
Bethlehem Police: 304-234-6435
West Virginia State Police: 304-238-1100
City of Wheeling Fire Department: 304-234-3711
Bethlehem VFD, Clearview VFD, Mozart VFD, Stone Church VFD, Triadelphia VFD, Valley Grove VFD, West Liberty VFD: 304-234-3775
Emergency Management
Wheeling-Ohio County Offices of Emergency Management: 304-234-3695
*When calling these numbers you are talking to a dispatcher at the Wheeling-Ohio County 9-1-1 Center. You are not calling the agency direct or talking with a certified police officer or firefighter. 
If you are calling to report any type of criminal activities, or even general complaints that require Law Enforcement assistance, you may be asked to provide us with a telephone “call back” number. The “call back” number is for our records only and necessary in the event that we are asked to contact you back for additional information by law enforcement officers who are responding to your complaint. 






From the region’s largest trail system, to national schools of excellence, to a reorganized municipal government, the City of Wheeling offers a dynamic environment for you, your family and your business. There are many features that are unique to this area and we are proud of them! Our businesses enjoy the business climate as well with our advanced, motivated work force. The work force also enjoys being active in our various professional organizations. The area boasts year-round entertainment, leisure, sports, music, festivals, dining, shopping, and much more.

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